Windows Installer Internal 2303 for everything - Need to reset permissions (STARTED by Mitchell_A)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Mitchell_A, Apr 28, 2010.

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    ^^ The title is just so some members don't ignore the post as they see the last post was likely by me, which would usually mean it's me helping someone else.. but either way.

    I had a real nasty virus a few days back, and ever since I finally got it removed, I've been unable to use the Windows installer, after the UAC pop-up, I immediately get internal error 2303 or "A fatal error has occurred, setup cannot continue" etc etc.

    So I need to reset the permissions for all the system folders and temp directories, I'm wondering if there's any CMD commands available, and also what folders need to be reset.

    The virus may have caused this.. or I may have caused this while trying to remove the virus.. :rolleyes:
    Thanks a million :D

    **** edit*

    this has driven me completely insane in just 20 minutes, I have a few other problems with my current installation, so I'm backing up and doing a factory reset.
    I'll be back tomorrow :D
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