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Hello everybody,
I cannot uninstall Java™ 6 Update 20 using the Windows uninstall routine.
When I try to uninstall this Version 6.0.200 I get the following details:

Program Name: Java™ SE Runtime Environment 6, Update 19
Verified Publisher: Sun Microsystem Inc.
File origin: Hard drive on this computer
Program location: Update 6.0.190

How do I clean up this update 19 or the remaining parts of it so that I can access Update 20? The Windows routine gets into an eternal loop while gathering information.
Thanks a lot, Kiddi

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Download Java Ra (a portable app.) and click the "Additional Tasks" to:- Clear old version and useless JRE files, remove the autorun /start up entry and remove the auto updater.

Seeing as how you may have some of v20 on there it might just pull all the v19 files and registry entries out of the system..

It is always best practice to un-install Java before installing newer version. Also note the current version is 6 update 22

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Forget 19, 20 - install 22 without doing anything else. Problem solved.

Download Free Java Software

You never have to uninstall before installing new.


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Thank you Elmer, I did all you suggested - it removed some files as the JavaRa.log file shows, but I still seem to have Java 20 installed and trying to remove it I get again: "Do you want to allow the following program to update software on this computer?" and the data is the same as in my original cry for help (update 19). Is there a way (pgm) to remove all java entries in the registry? Kiddi


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Thanks, TorrentG, I tried to install Update 22 (jre-6u22-...), but got the following error message: "Installer.Wrapper. CreateFile failed with error 32. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." This kind of leaves me in limbo. Kiddi

Close all browsers then try again. If fail, boot to safe mode and install it.

You're welcome.

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