Windows Items Cannot Be Installed

First off, I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit computer with 6 GB of DDR2 and an Intel Core Quad processor. My problem started when the beta for Office 2010 came out. My computer came pre-installed with Office 2007 so I wanted to try the new and it wouldn't install. I didn't really care too much because I don't use Word or anything too much. But when I tried to reinstall Office 2007 I got the same error. Error 1935. Over a period of three days I spent with Microsoft Tech to just lead me to call Gateway about the problem. I figured it was a Microsoft Office thing, but recently, I tried to install Microsoft C++ and something else that another program relied on. Another error. And just today, I tried to update my Anti-Virus and I got this, "Installation of the Microsoft Runtime Redistributable Kit has failed. The probable cause is a Windows update running in parallel." So I updated my computer, with 2 unnecessary updates, and restarted. Same error. So I made a repair disk and ran it, still the same problem. I've looked all over the web for help, nothing credible has worked. I have already deleted and un installed everything off my computer that isn't necessary for it to work. I just want to type up my essay with the comfort of not having to try to format things in WordPad. :(. I classify myself as a computer savvy kind of guy, no genius at all, but I can follow many hard tasks, so let me know what I can do. Thanks for all the help to come!!!

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