Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 - Just Around the Corner. Beta Tomorrow, that is.


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According to the Windows Live team blog @ Inside Windows Live

The Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 software suite will go public tomorrow!

Live Essentials is several free cloud oriented programs offered by Microsoft.
These include:
  • Messenger
  • Live Photo Gallery
  • Live Movie Maker
  • Live Mail
  • Live Sync
  • Live SkyDrive - a central location for uploading anything from any of the live services, or directly from your computer. Just like your inbox, it has "ever expanding" storage.
  • Office Online (Microsoft Office for free in your browser!)
  • And more!

I've personally been waiting for this for months now, and I had a sneak peak at messenger via a leaked build several weeks ago, however the build was deactivated a short while ago and back to 2009 it was for me.


The download went live at approximately 4:40 PM AST yesterday.
There is major revisions since M2 (v 15.2), most for the better.
I'd post screenshots, but I would have to edit too many of my friends posts etc out.
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Got Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta and loving it, also windows IE9 beta loving that also.
Must say a vast improvement on the old messenger, and IE9 beats IE7,8 hands down.
What I have been waiting for for ages.