Windows Live Mail and Hughesnet?

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    I have a friend who live only 2 miles from me and his only option to access to the internet is to use Hughesnet satellite.

    For a year we have tried to get Hughesnet to work with an E-Mail client.

    First we tried Thunderbird.
    No luck with that, it would receive but not allow us to send mail.

    Next we tried Oultlook Express 2007.
    That seemed to work for a while then stopped.
    No matter what we try we can only get it to send mail but not receive.

    Today I installed Windows Live Mail 2011.
    Now we are back to being able to receive but not send anything.

    This is the message we get when we try and send to any address.

    “Subject, This is a test.
    Server error 544.
    Server response: 554 5.7.1 ***@hughes.netRecipient address rejected: Access denied.
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: OX800CCC79
    Protocol SMTP
    Port 25
    Secure (SSL): NO

    I have searched and found many people having similar problems who are using Windows 7, but I haven’t found any real answer.

    Hughes net says that Windows 7 is a new operating system and they are still in the experimental stage. (After a year)?

    Both Outlook and Windows live Mail are configured the same, and

    One receives and one sends.

    They can get their mail by going to the Hughes Web Page and accessing it there.
    But I have installed Thunderbird, Outlook, and Windows Live Mail, on a lot of computers and they almost always set them selves up and work with no hassles.
    If one doesn't work another one will.

    Anyway I decided to post here and see if anyone has worked through this and figured out what is going on

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