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    Actually 2 main problems....

    1) How to import messages from Thunderbird. I know, I know...this is not a Windows or a Microsoft problem, but I though I'd ask anyway.

    2) I have Adobe Reader installed AND it is associated with .PDF, but when a PDF attachment comes into Windows Live Mail, I get a message that there is no program associated...etc. Other types of attachments (e.g. WMV) open correctly
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    When you attempt to open a .PDF file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail, the following error may occur:
    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel.
    This may happen even though you have Adobe Reader installed. Also, the same file may open correctly when saved to disk and then viewed.


    This error occurs if the file type association for .PDF is incorrect. You can fix this using the steps below.
    Removing .PDF file type association

    Repairing Adobe Acrobat Reader[​IMG]

    • Right-click on the Adobe Reader shortcut and click Run as administrator.
    • From the Help menu in Adobe Reader, click Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
    The repair process should fix the .PDF file type association. Restart Windows and see if you're able to open .PDF attachments directly from Windows Mail.

    Check the following link for importing files from thunder bird:
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    What happens when you double-click on a .pdf file in Explorer?

    There should be no need t download a third party program to fix this problem.

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