Windows Live Messenger 2009 and Windows 7

Hello There Everyone,
I have been having this problem since 4 days and i still cannot find any solution.....
I bought my dell insipron a week ago with windows 7 Home Premium built-in....i have downloaded office 2007 and Photoshop CS4....and when i tried to download windows live messenger i was fronted with this error code : hr:0x80070641
Check the attachment for the exact error
and i have tried pratically everything possible....this problem is getting my nerves and i would want to know the solution

I have read that Photoshop CS4 can be the cause of this problem?
Any Suggestions?
Thank You,
Reply Please

If you uninstall CS4 then put Messenger on, does it install then?

That way you'll know if its them that are conflicting :)
The problem is that i cant uninstall CS4 i mean i cant find it in the unistalll progz.......
because as i said before i cant install or uninstall anything that uses windows installer and thats the case
and i tried using the same installation CD but still cannot unistall its only installing or re-installing
so am really stuck here

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