Windows 7 Windows Live Messenger Error : 81000306


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May 5, 2009

today i installed windows 7 RC on my pc, everything is working fine, infact am luving it!
just one problem, i downloaded the live essentials,
now when i try to sign-in to live messenger, it gives me "error : 81000306"
i uninstalled & intalled it several times, but still it doesnt work!

guys PLZ help me out with this!!!

I have the same problem... The biggest laugh is I upgraded my pc to w7rc1, the first time I did this, messenger worked ok. The scond time I did this (dont ask why :S) messenger wouldn't work so I installed VPC2007 beta XP to load it into there and guess what it wont work in there either!!!

The problem is I love Win 7 so much I will just use the web version of messenger :P


I've been running in the same issue and may have found the solution. It comes from there: Link Removed - Invalid URL (french).

What it says is to key-in this command:
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
In addition to this I ran ccleaner with everything checked (so i'm sure I got nothing left in the cache/temp directories) and then rebooted my computer.

When my computer came back up MSN "magically" worked the way it's supposed to.



I have discovered that a change of router also solveded the problem. :confused::confused::confused:

I have checked both routers and they are configured the same.

As they say "Such is life"