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Windows 7 Windows Live Messenger Icon Issue


New Member
Mar 22, 2009
So I just recently upgraded to the latest Windows Live suite version and Messenger has been giving me issues.

The new icon is designed in such a way that it will not minimize to the system tray. I looked it up and it was found that by setting the compatibility to Windows Vista then it would return to the old style.

However whenever I do this the application will no longer run and it gives me an error about the program failing to startup.

I looked it up and found that this was a result of the patch I used to remove the Windows 7 watermark that was present in the beta.

Now before I have to completely remove the patch or reinstall Windows 7 does anyone have any workaround to either run Messenger in compatibility or another way to make the icon like it was in previous versions.
Initially I had the same problem but I tried the compatibility with Windows XP Pro.

It worked for me. I hope this help you?