Windows 7 Windows Live Messenger Install Error


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Jan 28, 2009
Ever time I try to install Windows Live Messenger it fails to install as in the attached picture.

I've tried different versions from the current one on the main Live website to the new beta and no success.

Anyone have this problem and is there any way to correct the problem?
Restart your computer.
MSN will not install when Windows Updates are installing, downloading, or have been installed without a restart.
Tried that. Rebooted computer and ran the install program with nothing else running at all, even shut down antivirus and still no go.
I also had this problem a couple different times and all I had to do was keep retrying, it eventually installed/worked fine.. ;) Perhaps just keep trying to reinstall.. I think it took 3 or 4 tries for me before it would actually install...
I tried dozens of times. Basically I tried all sorts of different things from editing registry entries, unregestering the msiexec file and re-registering it (I am not even sure what that's supposed to do), replacing potentially relevant files, virus/adware scan, safe mode installation, making sure all other programs were closed, disc cleanup, installer cleanup, restarting (obviously). I ended up wiping the drive clean and re-installing. Not surprisingly, that did the trick. If that seems drastic, I will mention that I was also having MSI problems with a new printer installation (which may have been what started it all, but may have just been the first sign of trouble).

Anyway, thanks for the advice. Sorry I gave in and didn't try any of it (aside from numerous attempts at installing). I am also sorry that I cannot offer any advise for those who find themselves in the same boat as I was in. But if you do, and if you don't have much installed on Seven already, then you might be better off saving yourself a few hours and just re-install Seven.
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