Windows 7 Windows Live Messenger locking up Windows 7 build 7000


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Dec 28, 2008

After installing WIndows Live Messenger (the most recent version), Windows 7 locks up when it starts to run.

I've narrowed it down to it by creating a new profile and running WLM (it hung).

Anyone else is experiencing this, or is WLM running ok on your PC?

I'll try removing it and reinstalling in safe mode.

Hi --seven--, Welcome to Windows7forums! :)

You say Windows Live Messenger (The most recent version)... do you mean Windows Live Messenger Beta? I ask because I recently tried Windows Live Messenger Beta with Windows 7 Build 6801 and Build 6956 and it was freezing up randomly on both builds. I just went back to the latest version of Windows Live Messenger (NOT the Beta) and it's working fine now on both builds.. :) I haven't tried either the beta or non beta yet on Win 7 build 7000 though as I haven't had the chance to install that Build of 7 yet.. I'll be doing that in approx 4 hours.. I'll report back to ya at that point on how it's working or not working for me.. ;)
I installed the beta from a network install pack I have (Includes all WLM Wave 3 Programs) and it works PERFECTLY. It asked me today to upgrade, which I did, and it still works flawlessly.

Maybe you have a program conflict?
Try running it in Vista compatibility mode.
Yeah, it's the beta 14.0.8050.1202 that's breaking it.

I have done a system restore, installed an earlier version of WLM (8.5), that works fine, and after I installed the new beta, and try to start WLM, it freezes (mouse, keyboard, clock). Hard-disk and network activity still work though (I had an active netowrk transfer that completed successfully).

Ah, mine was an earlier revision installer 5027.1235, my bad.
Anyways, I just checked my current version and it's 14.0.8050.1202, working perfect on my crummy little laptop, on build 7000.
I have yet to figure this out. As mentioned above, in safe mode with networking the program runs fine, but when I'm not in safe mode the program locks up my comput

If anyone could direct me to a link of a working version I would be very happy. For now I'm going to stick with version 8.5.
Hey everyone,

I got the exact same problem when I run it at my old Dell Latitude D600. I'm really getting tired of it. Older version isn't even starting, but WLM Essentials completely locks up my system.
Anyone got this figured out yet?

Ive got the same problem here. Just installed w7 last night, finally found all compat drivers then installed wlm now everytime i boot it locks up. Got annoyed with trying to figure out what was freezin it but now i assume it mustve been this.
K, got the solution. Well, you can't really call it a solution, cause you'll still have the problem. This lockup happens with programs like WLM and the Windows Experience Index testing/analyze tool. Windows 7 has a bad compatibility with the (I believe older) xddm type of graphics cards or graphics drivers. I took a quick look at the recently installed updates list and yes, a driver for my ATi graphics card followed with "(XDDM)" was listed there. I removed it via right mouse click on computer -> manage -> device manager -> display adapters -> right click on the one listed and uninstall. Unfortunately, with this you will remove the ability to choose the fitting resolution for your screen.
Maybe it will succeed with a new driver from ATi, but I'm not counting on it, since it's a pretty old laptop now.
Quick Fix for Messenger Lockups

Found this fix at dandar3.blogspot
Right click the desktop, select "Change Resolution", click on the "Advanced settings" link, go to Troubleshoot tab, click "Change settings" button, move the slider left to the third notch and click OK.
Worked for me.
Again, really not a solution, just a down and dirty patch till the real brains figure out what's really happening and fix it. :)
I own an IBM R52 laptop with the Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family video card.
I have two issues.
If I have the driver installed, I can use sleep and hibernate functions but I cannot use WLM 2009.
If I uninstall the driver, the sleep and hibernate functions are greyed out and inaccessible and I can use WLM 2009.
#1 - Any suggestions?
#2 Any idea when and if MS is going to fix this error in W7?
I also have the same version of WLM 2009 and I stil have this problem.
Do you also have an R52 using the Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family video card?
If so can you tell me what drivers you are using or where possibly I can get them.
If i install my current drivers from IBM's webste, then I have sleep and hibernate but WLM and even Windows Media Play freeze the laptop.
Please help
Hi, I don't think this is an ati driver problem as I only have Nvidea hardware, but my W L M still crashes as soon as it logs in!!

For the record.....

Did a complete re-format/Install of windows 7 rc trail (latest one before they stopped the download)

Only installed motherboard driver, sound driver and grafics card driver. also Kaspersky antivirus.

Then downloaded windows live essentuals (all programs inc silverlight).

All programs work perfectly exept windows live messanger, messenger sighns in ok but as soon as I get a sucsesfull log in ,it crashes!?!?

What really weird's me out tho, is my other rig (wich is allmoast identicall -nvidea 680i as apposed to the790i in my main rig) runs the program perfectly, first time, every time!!!!
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