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Windows 7 Support,

I'm new to any Forum posting and I am not certain of Forum protocol. However, my problem is with Movie Maker Live downloaded from Windows Live Essentials 2011. I can create a profile, add pictures and music start playing the movie and the timeline stops and the program freezes and then Movie Maker is "Not Responding".

I have uninstalled and re-installed Windows Live Essentials 2011; download all Windows Updates and checked my Intel(R) 5 Series 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller for proper driver version (9.6.31001). Windows indicated it was up to date, however, I did find a web site that stated a newer version was available ( I have no idea how to find and download the driver nor do I know if I should!! Can anyone please help?


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This is kind of a cop out on your question, but Adobe Premiere Elements has a free trial that you can use for, I think 30 days.
At least is will give you time to see if it works on your computer.

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 | Movie editor, Movie editing software

If you want to stick with Movie Maker and you are using the latest one, uninstall it and download and install the earlier version.
The newest one really has a lot of problems and is so dumbed down that it is almost useless any way.

Here is the link to the earlier version...

Download: Windows Movie Maker 2.6 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

I do a lot of video editing and Adobe Premiere Elements works better then anything I have tried and it's cheap about $80 it think.
I'm using version 10.

It will let you do a really professional job and it's very easy to use.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for replying to my question and the Adobe suggestion. I'm going to try the earlier version of Windows Move Maker first.

Thank you again for the information.


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Does it happen with other media or types of media or just some specific ones.

Does it freeze if you remove the music? Have you checked for a sound driver update?

I would not load a driver for the SATA unless it came from the manufacturer or Intel.

As I test Windows Live Movie Maker I've learned that if I only add a few pictures and play the movie the timeline moves to the end without freezing. However, if I add animation or caption or title or credits the program will freeze. Then the program indicates WLMM is "Not Responding" . Hope this help explain my problem.

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