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I noticed how with the new Windows Live, on the main page (after you sign in) it will list notifications like of someone changing their avatar picture, someone making a post and so on, and even comments to those posts.

However, I also noticed that it will actually show emails that you've sent yourself or someone else, in those list of notifications. Like for example I sent an email to myself and I titled the email, and attached some photos. On the Windows Live main page, I saw that title and a little "gallery" of those attached photos and I was like what the heck? Can my friends/contacts really see that or is that just for me to see?

So my first question is can my contacts/friends really see what I'm seeing on the main page.

My second question is this. Upon realizing they probably can see the title of the email and a glimpse of what I've sent myself as far as pictures, I went ahead and hid the updates that were relevant to me. Now, for some reason, I can't bring them back up. In the options menu it will let you re-enable updates from someone, or from Hotmail, etc. but for some reason when you hide your own updates (I called them "notifications" earlier) there isn't an option to bring them back up, or at least I don't see that option. Can someone give me a hand?



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For your question, if you delete a notification, you are out of luck, it is gone. This functionality is similar on Facbeook. You can take control of privacy settings under Options at the top right-hand corner. If you create a photo album, your friends will be able to see this information under the default privacy settings.

I didn't delete a notification though. In fact, now when I send new emails to myself and attach pictures to it, I can't see those either. I just chose to "hide updates from yourself" and apparently I can't find the option to undo will let you undo hiding updates from a specific person, or Hotmail, but for some reason not from yourself...which is weird.

Also I'm talking about under "Messenger Social", not the unread emails it'll show on the main page above "Messenger Social".

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