Windows Loads Then Monitor Loses Signal

I just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on my pc, after the installation the computer rebooted...the windows logo appeared...but then the monitor said No Signal and the light went yellow.

I tried another monitor...same problem and I can't install video drivers.

What do you suggest

I have an ATI HD 4750 X2 Graphics Card
and My PSU is 1200W


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What happens if you boot into safe mode using F8? Maybe you could change the video drivers from there.

Otherwise, what type of connection are you using to your monitor? Are you using the correct input to the monitor, some have both analog and digital.

First off the monitor has a DVI Port an HDMI Port and a VGA port, I'm using the DVI port
I tried loading into safe mode with F8 but monitor still went blank.

I also did a repair on the install just in case, but still no succsess

Any ideas?


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It seems to me you loose the video when the mode changes and the Video Drivers take over. I do not think it is a general Win 7 problem, but maybe something about how your output is set up or what your video card is doing. Maybe the drivers, but not sure.

I am just guessing, but I would try using a DVI to VGA connector and connecting it to the VGA input of the monitor.


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Is it possible that you motherboard has an integrated graphics chip and in your system bios you have choose that instead of the ati as the primary video. Take a look at the bios and see what choices you may have

I have more OS's the Win7, like Vista, XP and Linux...and they're all fine
The motherboard has no graphics chip

I tried swithing to change

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