Windows locks up after PSU failure

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    I recently had a PSU failure and replaced with a new unit. System now powers up.

    However Windows is now randomly locking up. No BSOD, no warning, it just locks and stops responding. No screen corruption either. The only solution is to power off. It never once did this prior to the PSU failure.

    The lockups happen randomly, maybe after 20 mins, maybe an hour and have occurred when:
    Internet browsing
    Running a large Backup
    Installing the new SP1

    There is nothing in the event logs that suggests anything happening prior to the lock up. There are no heat issues.

    To try to isolate the problem, I have:
    Run Memtest86 for hours with no problems and also the Windows memory test, all fine.

    Run Prime95 for a while again with no problems. I am gonna do some more tests later in Prime to check cache specifically.

    Reinstalled Windows on different a Hard Disk and still get exactly the same problem.

    I am now coming to the conclusion that the PSU failure may have caused some sort of damage either to the motherboard or processor.

    I am going to return the new PSU to the supplier and get a replacement sent out just in case the new PSU is at fault.

    If you guys have any opinions, they would be greatly appreciated.

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    Having reinstalled Windows on a new drive, minimizes the possibility of Software corruption. After you reinstall, are you not installing anything else, even updates until you have had a chance to check the system?

    Depending on how the PSU failed, I suppose it may be like a power surge and could have done some damage. I will assume the new Power Supply is large enough.

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