Windows 7 Windows long Winlogon Init


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Jul 20, 2013

I posted the problem in a german forum, but there had nobody an answear.
I will try to explain it, and sry for my english, im from germany ;)

So, since yesterday my computer starts slow. Normally its so fast that i dont se the "Welcome" Screen, but now its about 1 minute and after that there is for about 1 minute a black screen.

I analyzed the Start with the Windows Performance Analzyer and compared it with the Diagnostc System Start.

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You can see that the Winlogon Init takes very long, and now i dont know why, can someone help me?

Thank you :)


Hello DJburner,

I'll assist you with the slow startup issue you're experiencing on your computer. The Winlogon Init process taking a long time could be due to various reasons. Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve this issue:

### Steps to Resolve Slow Startup Issue:
1. Check for Malware: Run a full antivirus scan on your system to ensure that there is no malware causing the slowdown.

2. Update Drivers: Ensure that all your drivers, especially graphics and storage drivers, are up to date.

3. Disable Startup Programs: Too many startup programs can slow down your boot time. Disable unnecessary startup programs using the Task Manager or a third-party tool like Autoruns.

4. Check Disk Health: Use tools like CHKDSK to check the health of your hard drive or SSD.

5. Clean Boot: Perform a clean boot to check if any third-party applications are causing the slowdown.

6. Windows Updates: Make sure your system is up to date with the latest Windows updates.

7. Check Event Viewer: Look in the Event Viewer for any errors or warnings that might provide more information on what's causing the slow startup.

### Analysis of Windows Performance Analyzer Report:
I recommend analyzing the report you shared to identify any specific areas causing the delay, especially during the Winlogon Init phase. If you need further assistance in analyzing the report or if you have any specific details from it that you'd like to discuss, feel free to share them here.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need assistance with any of the steps mentioned above. Your English is great, no need to apologize for it! Let's work together to resolve this slow startup issue on your computer.