Windows magic - I have no idea what else call this


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I am logged in as Bill (an admin user). I tried to create a new txt doc in an install folder far down under Program Files (x86). My only rt clk option is new folder. I opened another txt file in that folder with Ultraedit (my default editor) and saved it as NOTES.txt in that folder. Now I can open it from inside Ultraedit but when I look in the folder with windows explorer I can't see it. All the other files r visible. If I copy it from the "open" window inside Ultraedit and try to paste it to the desktop I get an error that it can't find the file.

The owner of the C: drive is TRUSTEDINSTALLER. I did not chg anything since I reinstalled W7. The administrators have ALL permissions and I am an admin.

I switch users to Admin (another admin user) and see the same thing so I take ownership of just that folder (as Admin) and now I can create a new txt doc NOTES.txt. -- which would indicate there is no NOTES.txt file in that folder -- except I can open it in Bill with Ultraedit. When I open it in Admin it is blank.

I switch back to Bill and now I can see NOTES.txt with explorer and if I dbl clk it it opens in Ultraedit and is NOT blank.

If I delete it in Admin, it deletes it in Bill. If I restore it in Admin it is again seen in Bill. If I open it in Admin it is blank. If I open it (as Bill) in that folder it is NOT blank. BUT, if I D&D it to the desktop and open it from there it is blank.

WTF is going on????????????
And better yet can I ever make it work in some logical fashion?

BTW - explorer is set to show all files
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thx - I don't think it is a fct of Ultraedit.
it has to do with windows permissions.
If I open a txt file in another folder (not owned) in the same path area with notepad then try to save it, Windoz won't let me.
I can save it to my documents thou.
Windows sees Ultraedit different than Notepad and lets Ultraedit save the file BUT won't show the file in explorer.
It won't even acknowledge that it is there. But Ultraedit can see it. -- unless I am the OWNER of that folder.
if I open the file with notepad (after I am the owner) it is blank.
If I D&D it as above Windows does not copy the contents - it does if it is from an owned folder.
It will if the content format is ANSI.

I have to say, this is a serious problem. __ things can easily be deleted or lost b/c they appear to be empty or non-existent.

I need to chk W10 and see if it exists there.