Windows Mail Has Stopped Working

This new quirk message has been appearing lately. It usually happens when I open an attachment but not every time. Maybe every 5th or 6th time. It goes from this message to "Looking for a Solution" to "Restart". I have run Window Defender and AdWare but it still is occurring. Anyone experience this? Thanks

that is a bit odd. :confused:
can you post a screen shot of the whole message?


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It's a standard Microsoft message when you attempt to do something that the program does not understand.
First thought is that maybe you do not have an associate with some of the attachments you are trying to open.?? If not too private, what kind of attachments are they (. something, like me.jpg etc)

I've never attached anything to a forum response but I think I did it right. I see it when I click on the attchment. It has happened when opening .eml, .wmv, .doc. It eventually will open it up, often the next time that I try again. It seems to be happening more often. As I said in my first message, it goes from this message to saying that it is looking for a solution (inside the box) to then saying that it will restart Windows Mail. :confused:


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Your attachment is fine. I reiterate that (both) messages are computer generated and quite normal.
However that does not answer your question.
I have never seen the problem before on an intermittent basis. The only last thought that occurs to me is that you are using up all your memory. How much do you have installed?
I have been browsing since your OP but found nothing useful other than the drastic step of a reinstall or recovery.


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The problem is probably due to a rare interaction between your antivirus and Window Mail. An easy way to fix it would be to upgrade to Windows /Live Mail Windows Live Mail Celestra

I have 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 343GB on my hard drive

Thanks, Celestra. Don't know if I want to go that route yet and do new set-ups. I've read some threads about Windows Live users still having problems with issues other than mine. I don't know much about Windows Live Mail. Why do you think that would fix it?


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This is what I've done, I've set up two e-mail accounts. Both connected with the same password and user name. Anything I get in Outlook is clicked out and sent to my Windows Live Mail account. There is more storage in Windows Live Mail. Windows has been trying to break the connector between both accounts, but there has been too much public outcry against it. (For the time being) I personally like to write letters in Outlook more. I found this free download, if it helps any.... Outlook Attachment and Picture Extractor -- Save Outlook and Outlook Express Attachments

I don't see anything free at this web address. Thanks for your suggestion but it seems more involved than I want to get into. I foresee more problems if I don't do everything correctly. I don't need to extract attachments, I just want to open it and then either save it or delete it. I thought that others may have experienced the same thing and had an easy fix. I can't understand why it has happened out of the blue. I am running the same anti-virus--Norton. I found that I get this message intemittently when I click on the attachment to open it and I also notice that it intermittently happens when I click on it to "Save as". I guess I will have to live with it for now.


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Hi, could you give more detail on your system set-up. :)


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Hi! Most versions of the Norton Anti virus are not compatible with "Windows Mail". You may wish to un-install. I've also heard "Goolge Desktop" is not compatible with "Windows Mail" Suitable replacement anti virus programs for Norton are-- FREE avast! anti virus 4.x Home Edition, anti-spyware & anti-rootkit for Windows You also can use: AVG Free - Download installation files & documentation I have Norton Internet Security, as an upgrade. It's been very difficult to manage. Great for office, nothing special for entertainment purposes. (That extraction soft I was talking about, has a free download if you look carefully) Probably only temporary.

Thanks again Celestra--I hear what you are saying--just can't understand why after nearly a year of using Norton on this new computer it all of a sudden starts doing this. To Kemical: I have Windows Vista Home Premium; 32bit. Anything else you need to know?


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What kind of programs do you run ? Anti virus programs are getting increasingly more of a problem. I had less anti virus conflicts without SP1. With Norton now I have to write in addresses and drop firewalls constantly. I started having downloading problems after Norton put in a couple of patches. They feel the problem is caused by a 3rd party software.


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I think you would save yourself a lot of time and grief if you followed celestra's original suggestion and install Live mail. It is not a big deal and you can import all your windows mail settings into the program. The link given should have led to a page where you could download it for free. Otherwise try this one:

Windows Live Mail 2008 Download

Thanks, I will keep that in mind for future reference. After the information here indicating that it was most likely my Norton giving me the problem, I had a live chat and when I described the problem they immediately uninstalled version 2008 and installed 2009 and now things seem to be ok--so far. They said that "there were some problems" with 2008. Thanks again for all the suggestions.


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Thank You! You may of save me some problems also......Norton 2008 is weird.

Glad to be of help!

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