Windows Mail: Is this possible??

Does anyone know of a program that when you send a mail, it first checks your sent items to see if you are sending to someone you had already sent to? Of course, it would have an override/whitelist for people that you do E-mail all the time...



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Hmm not sure.. Why?

I am sending out a mass E-mail to some customers and then individual to others.....easier than checking sent items each time...


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#4 it's like you need to set up two data bases, one for en mass and then one for the individual mails... I'll see what I can find..

Group mailer
Not sure how good it is.. but it's free, try this:
GLH Software Freeware It's a utility for setting up e-mail lists

Well....can it check Sent items before allowing me to send and stop me before sending?
Almost like spell checker does....


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Not sure, I've never used it personally but it sounded like the nearest thing to what you needed..



Have you tried "Outlook Contact Manager" It's software that plugs into your mailbox. Very professional.... 1-800-860=5534 Celestra

Thanks Kemical...

I just need a program that interfaces with my E-mail, so that when I type a message and click Send, it will first check the Sent Items folder to make sure I have not sent a mail to this recipient before. If I did, it will stop me and ask me if I still want to send it.


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Hi solid, perhaps this is a bit nearer to what you want:
Mailing List Manager Pro / Mailing List Management Software / Mailing List Script If thats not what you want, try this:

Download Npust email list manager, Npust email list manager 1.02 Download

Again another solution but getting more 'exec' :
PHP Email Marketing and Mailing List Management Solutions | Octeth

Some of these you have to pay for some of them you don't, also the reason I included them is the fact that they can customised to your needs... Altho' as I haven't used any of them I'm not sure if you'll get exactly what you need..
I will keep my eye open though and if I find something that fits your requirements to the letter I'll post... :D

Hi Solid

Shame on me for even suggesting this , but have you looked at a different email provider????????????
Mozilla Thunderbird is a excellent alternative to Windows Mail and might be worth a look. I cannot say of hand if it solve your problem but as the saying goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained

Good Luck

Thanks Kem...I checked them out and E-mailed them to ask if this feature is available....will let you know....but keep your eyes open for me if you can.

Super-bill....thanks...sticking with WinMail for now

I'm still coming up empty on a program to block repeat sending...
fresh out of ideas !

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