windows management instrumentation - slow upload speed


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I swapped out the MB, CPU and memory in my rig. I did not reinstall windows 7. I was pretty impressed that this worked as well as it did but I have one nagging problem... The network upload speed has suffered a lot. It's not just throughput but the initial "connecting" handshake seems to take a while.

For instance, if I go to one of the speed test sites the download is fine. It starts up immediately and is steady at around 20mbs. When this is complete it takes between 10 and 20 seconds for the upload test to start (just says connecting)... and only uploads at .5 to 1mbs. Historically this has been immediate and much faster.

After much searching I found that disabling windows management instrumentation in msconfig restored my upload network connectivity. In a speed test the download didn't change, but after that was complete the upload started immediately and was around 5mbs.
I disabled/re-enabled this several times to make sure that I got the same results.

Is there any way to "fix" WMI without wiping/reinstalling? That's my last resort.

Other info
MB upgrade was from a ASUS p5qse2 to ASUS p8z77-vlk
CPU went from Q9550 to I7 3770K

Troubleshooting went in this order:
bounced router/modem
bypassed router
reinstalled network adapter
disabled/reenabled windows firewall
disabled wmi



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Well. Since I had time today and got impatient I reformatted the drive and reinstalled windows 7.
Same symptoms!

My phone and tablet (running android jellybean) are fine. But something with windows 7 and WMI seem to be capping the upload speed.


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Sort of solved.
The ASUS MB came with several utilities. I wanted just the temperature probe software but it only came bundled with several other ASUS utils... including some kind of network tweaker. After uninstalling the suite the network speed returned to normal.
I have no idea why disabling WMI worked but was obviously not the root cause.
Anyway, maybe this will help someone else.


Great, thanks.
I have a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. The download speed was fine, up to 100 Mb, but the upload was as low as 1Mb. Tried pausing the Windows Management Instrumentation, as someone suggested, which actually sort of solved this problem, but that of course was not an optimal solution.

So, following your suggestion, well it was not necessary to uninstall the suite, if was sufficient just turning the Network iControl off in the ASUS AI Suite II. That did the trick. Back up to 100Mb upload speed as well.