Windows Media Center causes Windows Explorer to stop responding on Win 7, 64 bit

I'm hoping someone from Redmond sees this message and will open a defect ticket. This needs to be addressed promptly.

Brand new HP 600q TouchSmart system running Windows 7 64-bit. Everything works normally until Windows Media Center is started, especially when it is started in maximized mode. Once it is started, Windows Explorer and the Start bar stop responding. The clock in the system tray stops updating even though the clock gadget functions normally. Any apps that were open before WMC was started will continue to function normally but hovering the mouse over the Start bar changes the cursor to the revolving circle (system busy). Closing WMC has no effect. The WMC icon remains in the Start bar. Clicking on anything in the Start bar causes a popup message about Windows Explorer not responding. It can be restarted normally and the WMC icon disappears from the Start bar.

In the Processes tab of Task Manager, the ehshell.exe process fires up when WMC is started and it unloads when WMC is closed. wmpnetwk.exe seems to remain on in the background, no matter what.

There are a number of articles, blog posts, and forum posts all over the internet so this problem is in no way small. Many people have offered different solutions. I have already deleted the shellex registry key from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mpg. That had no effect. Another "solution" was to go to control panel > Folder options > View > and put a check mark in "Always show icon not thumbnails." This did seem to stop the problem but this is not an acceptable solution since WMC is designed to be a rich graphical user experience.

Any help getting this information to someone from Redmond who can open a ticket on it would be greatly appreciated.



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