Windows Media Center issue


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Hi friends:

I'm relatively new to W7, and have never really used WMC.

I just set up WMC, but when I try Internet TV and some other features, I get an "unsupported country or region" message. What is this about??? :confused: I live in Puerto Rico, which is part of USA!


Your region may not be supported.

In Control Panel, Regional Settings, select 'USA.' If this resolves your issue, then you can adjust the time to your local and disable 'windows time synchronization.'


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thanks for your prompt reply, cybercore. Regional settings are already set for USA.

any other suggestions?

Hi Hiram,
The solution is not simple: because of legal/license limitations Microsoft verifies your current IP address to identify where you are located. It isn't about your computer settings, is all about your IP location. There is a trick consisting in using a proxy service which will assign you an IP address in US, however most of these services require a monthly fee :( ... if you find a good free one let us know and share the solution with us.

Good luck.


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thanks canazco:

I'd look into it if you can suggest where to start to look for such a service. Thanks any way.

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