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Feb 26, 2009
I went from XP directly to this beta without ever having used Vista at all, so this Media Center software is new to me. Pardon my n00bery, but I was wondering if anyone knew where all the enhancements went for the audio player. I usually EQ my music before sending it to my stereo just to boost the 20hz and 16Khz, but I can't seem to find the EQ in the player window or the media center, or any kind of setting like "Show Enhancements", which is an easy to find drop down menu option from WMP 9, 10, and 11.

Using just the regular media player, I have found the button to open the enhancements. It seems like with every new iteration of Windows Media Player they try to find new ways to hide the menus and tools. I'll post a SS later of the location as I am at work now.

The EQ, playspeed, and other enhancements are now detached from the player window. It seems to be fixed in place: you can't just drag it around the screen, you need to manually resize it, one side at a time, to the position you want it, which is kinda dumb.

I still haven't found any sort of audio enhancements within the Media Center software. Matter of fact, I can't seem to navigate it very well at all. When I want to listen to music it loads my entire library. I then have to select a playlist, of which I have none. There is probably better ways to do this. My inexperience with the software is the real probelm here. It can't be this counter intuitive, right?

I've also discovered the advanced audio controls for the speakers, allowing me to boost highs and lows for the master output of the computer. This is somewhat useful as not all programs have an EQ built into them, but it could have been implemented better. Particularly, there is no "reset to default" button, which I find useful when I want to tweak my stereo, which needs to be done without any boost at all or my other stereo components will sound off. Also, there is little choice over what frequencies are boosted - the don't even tell you - it's just the ambiguous "high" and "low" sliders.

In order to get to the tone control menu, you can right click on the speaker icon in your system tray, then open the menu for audio properties. Click on the icon for your speakers and a new menu will pop up. There you will find a tab labelled "Tone". (Writing this from memory, will correct mistakes later).

Additionally, I have found further controls for the output bitrate of your audio device, which greatly affected the quality of sound for me. See my other post here. I will update late tonight.
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