Windows Media Center questions

I've installed W7 and, with minor hiccups, it's beautiful.

I saw that as of today Netflix will allow some of its content to be viewed on TVs through Windows Media Center. I know virtually nothing about WMC, and am looking for help.

First, will it work with W7?

Second, how do I obtain and install WMC?

Third, what other considerations should I know about?



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You can't really obtain it.

It's included in some versions of Windows.

I myself, have it in my Vista Home Premium Edition.

To take full advantage of it, you'll need a TV Tuner card.

Not sure what edition of Windows 7 it will be included in.

Just go to Start > Help and Support and type in media center.

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Thanks for the reply and the info. I remember having WMC in an earlier version of XP, but didn't know it was built into the op system, rather than an add-on.

I'll just be patient and wait to see what Microsoft offers for Win7.


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