Windows Media Center Y TV Signal Problems


I am having a strange interference problem with most challenges except for the HD Monster channel. The cable dudes were here and they checked everything and of course said that the problem was prolly the ATI TV tuner. Not sure if this is true of not but it's strange that most of the channels are messed up all but one.

The first link is the picture with the interference and the second link is to the picture, one second later, without the interference. It basically goes back anbd forth like that.

I am on a sony vaio all in one using an ATI Wonder TV Digital Tuner.
OS is Vista Ultimate.

I got a Cable Card from my cable company and the info I read says that is it compatible with media center.

The tuner is set up just like a set top box with the cable directly plugged into it. My video card is nvidia, not sure the model number tho.

The vaio is pimped as being able to record HD tv and movies so I'm thinking that the hardware should allow for it. THe TV tuner came with the vaio. The MCE version I am running is 6.6001.18000. The cable card is QAM256.

Any heads out there know what's what?

thanks in advance!

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