Windows 7 Windows media player 12 causes computer to lock up


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Feb 7, 2009
Hey everyone,

This problem is driving me insane, Windows media player 12 keeps locking my netbook up (or atleast making it slow my comp down majorly). I'm just wondering if there is a setting that can reduce the amount of power it uses.... when I look at my hdd access light it is always on. not flickering, just on.

Help anyone?:)
Why is it when someone who is testing a product, gets a response to use something else and does not assist with the product. Not everyone likes to break away from what they are accustomed to, and would like that program to work.

I also understand that this is a beta, and not all programs will work, but has been out long enought that most should be able to assist with the issue. I personally have not had any issues with WMP but I also do not use it enough to tell you what could be wrong.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but the post above me isn't really either.
One thing that may help is disabling the WMP network sharing service. This seems to eat up resources even when you're not sharing any media. Click Start and type services.msc, scroll down until you find the Windows Media PLayer Network Sharing Service, stop the service then open the properties and set the service to manual.

Have you checked the task manager to see what's going on? Open the task manager, click on the performance tab and then open the Resource Monitor. This will tell you everything you're computer is doing and what is eating up the resources. See if this sheds any light on what's going on.
I don't need VLC because wmp 12 has all the new codecs (or atleast the xvid ones and etc that i need) and i have already disabled the sharing service... Thanks for the tip about the res monitor...will check it out
Turns out the problem was caused by excess vibrations from the speakers messing up the hard drive.
It can actually cause your hard drive to stop working on some computers
Glad i'm rid of that damn netbook :D
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