Windows Media Player 12 crashes when playing certain videos

I have a problem when trying to play some home movie videos that I had captured from a stand alone Panasonic DVD recorder and ripped to my computer hard drive. (I don't remember what software I used to rip the DVDs. It was a long time ago.)

The videos play fine when previewed in Windows Explorer and play fine when opened with Nero. They even play fine on my TV when streamed to my PS3.
But when I try to open the videos with WMP 12, the player freezes.
I have to force a shut down of WMP 12.

Any idea how to get WMP 12 to play these videos?

What format are they in?

The extension is .mpg

I can view them on another networked PC running Windows XP and Media Player 11 with no problem. VLC has no problem playing them either.
I also checked the codecs used with Gspot from the Win XP machine and it showed that the videos are MPEG-2 and audio AC3 48000Hz 256 kb/s.
And in the Gspot Proposed Codec Solutions and tests, it states:
Render OK. The following combination of filters was used:
SRC (A) MPEG-2 Demultiplexer - (B) Ulead MPEG Video Decoder (C) Video Renderer
SCR (A) MPEG-2 Demultiplexer - (B) AC3Filter (C) Default Direct Sound Device

I do not have any of the old software on the new machine with Windows 7.

When I re-ripped the original DVD (just for testing), it plays fine on WMP 12. But I don't want to re-rip all my originals again. There must be some codec that I'm missing that will allow me to play it on WMP 12.

What I can't understand is why WMP 12 is the only software that has a problem playing it on the Windows 7 computer.

Well I downloaded and installed ffdshow, but I still can't play the video in WMP 12. It plays fine in Windows Media center though.
Unless I did not configure the ffdshow properly? I left the defaults the way they were and tried the file. Then tried to enable a couple of codecs like MPG-2, but that didn't work either. Gave up since I didn't really know what I was doing with that application.

Any other ideas??


Is it normal for WMP 12 to stop responding if a video or audio codec is missing?

Shouldn't it just give me a message that the video can not be played for what ever reason...

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