Windows Media Player 12 Grrrrrrrrr

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    So windows 7 is finally out there and its good dont get me wrong i love the features and speed of the system itself, unfortunetly theres bound to be some niggles which need fixing as its new!

    The niggle i speak of is the New Windows Media Player 12!

    First installed Win 7 and everything was fine music played no problems, CD, MP3 and all Avi files etc.

    Yesterday i was browsing the web playing the music as you do, and every single webpage i seemed to load the music slowed down, stutterd and sometimes completely froze so you had to close down win media player.
    I know other people have experience similar problems with their player libray and this happend, it happens to me on both libray view and now playing mode with no visuals activated either.

    Is it just me or is this riddled with bugs because its annoying and seems a waste:frown:

    UPDATE : It now does this playing songs through youtube on web browser aswell, ermm help! lol

    System specs Below :

    Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Intel Q6600 OC 2.66Hz
    4GB OCZ DDR2
    Geforce 9600GT OC
    Asus P5N32-ESLI Plus Mainboard
    Samsung 320GB HDD
    Creative Soundblaster XFI Xtreme Audio PCI
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    I have had similar problems with Windows 7. I'm currently using a genuine Win 7 Ultimate 32bit retail edition i bought the other day. All drivers are up to date. I have also found WMP 12 forgets my scanned folders- having to remove them from the library manager, close media player reopen it and add those libraries again! I also have the stuttering problem even when i'm not on the internet. Any one can help?

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