Windows Media Player 12 'Not Responding'

I have the Windows 7 RC 64-bit installed on my comp, and I have been using WMP12 for a few months now with no issues up until recently. It has been freezing constantly on me within minutes of starting a song from my playlist. After 2 minutes into a song, WMP12 will dim and I get a message saying WMP12 is not responding and needs to close. I do have a very extensive music playlist which I'm constantly adding more music to, so I am wondering if it's maybe too big for it to handle (about 20-30 GBs of music).

Comp Specs:
Dell XPS 630i
Windows 7 RC (64-Bit)
Nvidia GeForce 9800GT (512 MB)
800GB HD
1TB 2nd HD

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I can't be the only one with this issue.

I've been using WinAmp and iTunes for the time being, but its just not the same :frown:

Also having trouble with Windows Media Player 12

I'm having a similar problem with Windows 7 RC 32bit WMP. It has been working perfectly, but then a few days ago I installed iTunes to use with a new ipod nano. Since then, I keep getting a "Windows Media player has stopped working and has to close" message. It cuts out after just a few minutes of playing a track.

Can someone out there respond to our woes? I read the article about using dopisp instead of iTunes and that looks like a good idea, but only if WMP will actually start working.

An update! I have just unistalled WMP using the 'turn off windows features' route, and also uninstalled iTunes. On re-installing WMP it worked for about 1.5 minutes and then returned the same message! Head scratching time again!!

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Hi, i am having the same problem, but it never worked for me. Plus, whenever i highlight a .wma file, it crashes. :confused::confused::confused:

Next installment!

hello again,
I have now downloaded the dopisp utility and that is working well with ipod nano 4G and doesn't seem to be crashing WMP. I had also installed "audible manager" from (I'd been using the site to download audio books). I decided to uninstall audible and since then the system has become more stable. I've lodged a fault with audible explaining the situation but so far I've had no response. Pity really as they promise some sort of response within 24hrs. Looks like that subscription may need to be withdrawn.

Today, I've downloaded some audio files from Amazon using amazon's MP3 download utility - still on Windows 7 RC - and so far so good.

I know it's a nightmare getting such a variety of software to work together but I'd hope it was the add-ons that didn't work rather than the core system crashing. I hope a technical expert gets to grip with this soon.


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dont think its itunes

I have tryed it with and without itunes and even reinstalled the windows 7 RC fresh wmp worked fine till i started to install other programs now it just stops responding or worse it will play about 1 minute of a song then stop for a bit start then stop hope someone can help to get to the bottom of this as i love windows 7 but would not be able to live without a reliable media player

Re: dont think its itunes

I have exactly the same problem... :(
Audio files stop working after a while and video files simply don't open.
I have itunes instaled as well but i have unisntaled completly and it't the same... :(
Plesase someone help... for what i can see this is a very common problem...
Is there any expert around that can help us out with that?


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Enter the following in any search box;
"Microsoft fix it solution center troubleshooting software issues"
You will see several icons and select WMP. Yes to all and do as admin.
It should reset WMP yet retain your files.
Please let us know know how you fare.

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