Windows media player either says server execution failed or skips and games also skip

Hi guys I'm having such a huge problem right now. I don't know what to do... I'm using windows 7 64 bit and when i play my games the game would litterally skip... kind of like having frame skip on the highest then playing a game.. Also, windows media player would either do one of the following:
1. video skips and no audio plays
2. Server execution failed
3. The video will play for like 5 seconds then says it cant play the file..
Also when i try to run the windows experience index it will get the video decoding and it will say that it can't complete it for some reason. I've tried reinstalling windows and it just kept happening

I've tried doing everything to repair WMP and then it would work until i reboot again. even when i dont repair it i have to reboot then it would be fine... but thats just a huge annoyance . Please can somone help?

My specs:
ATI 6950
AMD 6100 6 core processor
8 gigs DDR 3 ram
128 GB SSD samsung 830

Is the media you're playing on a network drive or network share? That might be the cause for #2 and #3. Also, check your codecs and make sure they are properly installed, as that might be the issue Windows Experience Index is reporting, and may explain #1.

no i'm just trying to play the video from my hard drive directly.. the codecs i tried reinstalling and such. but nothings working. i even tried redoing windows aswell

I am having same issue, no suggested solution has worked. :I

I am having same issue, no suggested solution has worked. :I
Try converting the file to a different file format, then play it again. Also, try playing it on other computers or try using other media players and see if they can open it or offer diagnostic results.

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