Windows Media Player error


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Our media pc keeps bring up a window with the following message -

"Windows Media Player Library
Make media files show up in Windows Media Player Library"

It offers three options - advanced, next, and cancel. Clicking next has it detect for errors, then just sit there and keep detecting, not actually doing anything. Clicking advanced only brings up the option for Windows to automatically apply any repairs. It won't do anything but sit there for hours trying to find whatever the problem is. The thing is, there doesn't seem to be any problem!

We use Media Center with the Media Browser plugin. There are three folders - TV Shows, Movies and Miscellaneous. There are no issues with playback, or anything else. I don't know what Windows seems to think the problem is, but this window has come up several times now and won't go away! It stops the screensaver from playing also, which, while not an essential program, is still very annoying.

How can I make this issue go away?


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Hmmm, an interesting problem. I would do a couple things, and in this order:

uninstall and reinstall Windows Media Player

Download, install and run this registry cleaner

Then, if there is still a problem I would scan for viruses with Avira, just make sure to also download Link Removed due to 404 Error make sure your virus definitions are up to date, hope this helps.