Windows Media Player Plugin


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When using TVU Player, I've come across a few channels that won't work, unless I install a Windows Media Player plugin. This confuses me some, because all of the other channels are controlled and displayed with the TVU Player's own display.

I started to install the plugin, but when I selected the link on the TVU Player window, it wanted to install it using the Optimum Installer, which I'm not familiar with. I did a very brief Google on it, and saw enough to convince me that it is not something desirable to have installed. Also pondering on all of this, I considered the fact that a plugin is normally something that is required to create functionality between two different programs, and the Optimum Installer said that it was for IE, Firefox and Chrome, of which I normally don't use any...I prefer Opera.

For some reason that I fail to understand, I already have a TVU Player plugin installed for Opera, but Opera is never used to display anything, so I don't know why it is needed, nor do I understand why WMP is required, when most of the channels operate just using the Flash abilities of the TVU Player?

I will probably just skip the channels that demand this plugin, but remain curious about the situation. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

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