Windows media player problem

Hi there

i need some help iff any one knows how to solve this problem
i recently installed a new hard drive and moved some of my drive
letters arround when i was sorting out all the stuff i have :).
so the problem.....

i had WMP 11 all set up with media center an what not :)
after i moved arround the drive letter WMP will not let me
save any playlists rip any music and media center wont let
me ad tot he libary....

the only solution i have managed to come up with so far
is reinstall windows 7 and having just got it the way i like it
with ALL my drivers an programs working i would rather
not do that.....

so any one with more brians than me out there able to think
somthing up :) ........

this will be the first OS i ever bought from MS win 7 is grand
when yu get it going right :)

Changing drive letters is not a wise thing to do. Lots of software will not work properly.
Many windoze programs refer to specific drive letters for environmental and other variables.
You'll have to try to use 'disk management', depending on your skill level, to reverse the changes you made.
OR take a couple 3 hours out of your life and reinstall the OS - I shudder at the thought.
If you are good at reading then try Micro$oft's website.

I just had a thougth

is there a red entrie i can update manuely to fix this problem
then maybe the rip to location will work agen an so on

iff any one knows

My immediate guess is that you changed the primary drive letter designation. Change it back and it _should_ work. Your primary drive (where your user folders are by default located, along with "Program Files" and others) is normally set up as C. _HOWEVER_ you may be able to do some automated registry fixing with tools that are made to move user profile locations. Find a tool that does that for Vista, and theoretically it should work for Windows 7, since the structure for much of that is similar. This Microsoft Knowledge Base article shows where the registry and environment flags are to change for profile moving: An error message informs you that you cannot move or rename the Documents and Settings folder
There is also a LifeHacker article that links to some informative pieces of information on the same topic:
Lifehacker - Change Your User Profile Location in Vista - Windows Vista
Hopefully just some problems with profile location is causing your issue. If those fixes don't work, you may try posting to the official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here Windows 7 Category . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. They are usually pretty quick to respond to any problems posted.

jus to let you know

C drive is the only drive i did not touch in the shuffle


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Don't try to "change" your various library locations, just add the drives you want, and then delete the C: drive library locations, works for me



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