Windows Media Player will not start in Windows 7 Home Premium


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I have a problem that I have seen raised in forums over the last few years, but never with a solution. After running fine ever since I installed Win7 when it first became available, WMP now will not start. I have tried running the dll from the command box as an administrator. I have tried turning it on and off in the features section of the Control Panel, and various other twists. Is this a recognized problem? Is there a reason why this occurs? (Windows update, incompatible software?) Is there a clear solution?


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What happens when you try to start it? Could another instance already be running? You might try using Winkey+R to get a Run Window and type wmplayer /new to see it if will start. The switch may not actually start a new instance since I saw it mentioned in another version of Media Player, but it does start the utility.

You might try opening an Administrative Command Prompt window and typing SFC /scannow to check your system files. Hopefully it will finish and report no integrity violations, but if not, let us know.

Other than that, all I might consider is it is trying to load something, like a media file, that is corrupt.

Make sure and take a look at the Event Viewer for any Error or Warning, or maybe even info messages about the situation.


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I have run wmplayer /new with no result. I have a piece of software called "What's my computer doing now?" and there is no sign of WMP in action after typing that. I am running sfc /scannow now but there is nothing to be seen so far. The Event Viewer does not shine any light.

Have you tried a "System Restore" to a point before the issue occurred?


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Yes, I have gone back one update but I am loathe to go too far back or I will lose so much that I have done in the interval?

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