Windows 7 Windows Meidia Player NW Sharing Service...


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Feb 19, 2009
... has stopped working. Since I have installed (upgradet from Build 7000) Windows 7 Build 7022, I get the message, "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service has stopped working - Windows is searching for at solution to the problem" every few minutes. And the error reporting service is going in action. (Microsoft must be annoied by now, getting hundrets of error reports from my machine...). After running a while, the time between errors is increasing, but it continues to occur.

Some bug in the build, or a problem with my machine? Lenovo Thinkpad T61p on wireless network, only with file and printer sharing on workgroup, no homegroup, media sharing and -streaming are turned off. The other computers in the Homegroup are running XP SP3 - with the, as I think, normal sharing problems between 7 and XP. And usually they are not turned on.

Besides that, I have to maually turn on Network Discovery every time the computer has been off the network. But this doesn't change the WMP Network Sharing Service problem.

I haven't used the Media Center much (usually I use VLC), and not seen problems with that one.

Ideas anyone?

Fixed by installing (clean w/ Files & Settings Transfer, popped up once after installing, but not seen it after) build 7057 and now upgrading to 7068...
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