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a friend of mine has a laptop with windows 7 and he told that sometimes when he boots his pc the windows network indicator is square with a X(no connetions-not connected,which i think means that there is no wifi adapter , and not that there are no available networks-this is with signal icon and a x) so he cant connect to any wifi networks even though there are available
the problem remains until he shuts down and may fix at next boot
he sometimes has to reboot many times till he can normally connect
he also told me it happens randomly with no obvious reason
(note: he says he has removed the battery from the pc and uses it only plugged in)
i have asked him about settigns(if it was a hotkey enable/disable or sth similar)
but this is not the case
his wifi adapter is Intel(R) Wifi link 51-100

Thank you in advance


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It can be caused either by a bad driver, bad router, or faulty wifi adapter.
What i would do, is to 1. Reset the router 2. make a new wireless connection in the router 3. remove/update the wifi driver