Windows Network Host Name Not Working But IP Networking Is.

Hello Everyone, I've been a long time browser of this forum and finally got a problem worthy of your help.

Anyways, I'm trying to setup a Windows 7 network sharing. But the main problem is when I go to explorer and network, I can see all the host names of my computer in my home group. Unfortunately when I try to browse the computer it gives me the error

"Windows Cannot access \\foo" Check Spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. To try and identify problems, click diagnose.

I've tried diagnosing to no success.
Here's my network settings.

foo: - DHCP
and desktop trying to connect to foo: DHCP

Further investigations shows that when I right click on the network hostname from the network map. The media tab allows me to see the ip. But the file sharing tab doesn't have a properties option. So I can not check the IP. With that being said, if I type in \\ (IP of 'foo' computer) the file sharing utility opens up and shows me all the shares on he foo computer with proper permissions. After that I though to check if media sharing worked via hostname, to my surprise it worked flawlessly. So my problem is somewhere correlated with the hostname and network sharing. I've gone end to end looking for the problem for many days now but being a native Linux person. I am unable to solve the problem.

Additional Information is, I am running a homegroup on the same network. Which the homegroup worked flawlessly too. Not sure if that could make a difference the though of interference crossed my mined for a second. Also both my computers are running with identical user setups, not sure if that could be anything either. But they both use the same windows username and password. Oh and while diagnosing I was instructed to remove I had an error with windows live sign in assistant, which I did. I reinstalled using 6.5 beta. But not positive if this is relevant information.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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