windows not booting up!!

hi there , I'm wondering if any one can help me with this one, as i have spent the last 4 weeks trying to sort this one out with the IT guys at pcspecialist...... -.-
Anyhoo, here it goes - i have a clevo m571ru-u laptop running vista 64bit i have had the laptop for just over a year now, and 4 weeks ago vista crashed, now i cant get it to boot up, i can get into settings (F2) but not into dos (F12)
so far i have tried :
1 windows installation disc to repair boot failure - fail
2 clevo flash - bootable cd to repair bios- fail
3 bios flash file again on bootable cd- fail!!!!!!!

also i have numberous error reports from 0x00000050 fault in non paged area, 0x0000007E, windows failed to start -file \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe, 0x000000F7, bad pool header, media test failure -check cable (i get this one when i press f12 and try to get into dos during boot!!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

oh and ps, i have a solis state drive!!! :)

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It does look like a hardware failure. But I would say that you should no longer waste time trying to diagnose the problem. A reinstall is the quickest path from your situation. If you have important files, boot up with one of the many live CD downloads from the web, and copy you data/files somewhere safe.

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Yes.. sounds like hardware problems. You know you can pull the laptop SATA drive out and it doesn't need an adapter to plug into a desktop system.

You could even modify your bios to boot into the laptop drive but it will probably start reconfiguring drivers or even die because the activation would not match your desktop bios.

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