Windows not recognizing Nikon D40x camera (I'm getting frustraighted)

My new D40x just came in the mail. I took a few shots, tried to connect to Windows 7.

It makes the normal beep sound like a USB device was just connected..

but then that's it. No folder, no options, no drivers try to be installed. When I tried to update a driver, it tells me that the camera is connected.. So I'm assuming it's seeing the camera, it just doesn't show it connected in the drives, nor can i access the SD card folder. I unplugged the camera, it stilll was saying it was connected.. so I restarted comp. Tried again, same beep, nothing comes up.

I think I have the drivers and everything installed.. USB works, I use usb mouse/ keyboard..

Any ideas?

(btw in Scanners and cameras, it doesn't see the camera.)

edit: When I plug it in, it beeps.. Unplug, it beeps (as normal).

edit#2: Nevermind... I feel like a damn fool. I just burned some old letters, took shots of my old house.. my cat.. And I didn't even put the SD card in the camera :( For some reason after each shot the camera didn't bother telling me "yo guy yo aint got a sd card, these aint goin anywhere"..

I feel like an idiot now, and i'm bummed. I had some really great shots.. especially of the letters, which are now burned up and cannot be done again.

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