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Hello i'm a pc gamer and I found that there is an option to adjust windows for the best performance while sacrificing appearance, but since I have been using the other setting for so long i'm just not use to the way my computer looks now. Is there an option or program that I can use so that my windows only adjust for best performance when i'm gaming or running a program I want? I was hoping razer cortex could do this but I found no such option, thank you :).


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Where exactly is this "performance option" you are talking about?? There are multiple places to make these changes including BIOS setup. Usually, since you are talking about display appearance, the best place to do this is the Video driver adjustment applet or program. For example, for ATI video cards, there is something called ATI CATALYST CENTER. This program can be run from Start->Programs or from a System Tray icon if it was installed on your computer. This applet lets you control multiple video display features such as aspect ratio, refresh rate, etc. without having to reboot Windows each time. Additional display attributes can only be controlled by rebooting your PC into BIOS setup, and going into the Video display parameters. For example, the most common one is VIDEO MEMORY SIZE or VIDEO MEMORY APERTURE; settings could be 16MB-256MB or larger depending on the size of your video card RAM. Changing these settings can affect display size and performance as well. Selecting larger RAM sizes for VIDEO MEMORY APERTURE lets your PC & Windows use "chunks" of shared Video RAM differently. Basically, this tells Windows to use lots of "small chunks" of Video RAM(16MB), and a larger number (256MB) tells Windows to use "large chunks" of Video RAM. Some Games and programs will tell you suggested settings for your particular Video card/chip, most do not. You may have to download the User Manual from your Video card manufacturer's website to obtain this level of spec detail. But, it may be worth it, as it may improve your display performance over just the settings the Video card manufacturer put into their driver program.