Windows 7 Windows Photo Viewer SLUGGISH


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Jan 20, 2009
I'm running Windows 7 beta 7000, x64 Bit, (fresh install) and despite a few little bugs (like the gadgets not working when UAC is disabled), I find things are quite robust.

However, one thing that is insanely slow compared to Vista or XP is the WINDOWS PHOTO VIEWER.
Even opening tiny images take a long time to open, and forget moving from one image to the next in a folder.
I would say that even web size images (say 400x600 px) take almost 5-10 seconds to refresh from one picture to another.
Even moving or resizing the WINDOWS PHOTO VIEWER is sluggish.

I've tried other photo viewers, like Picasa, and they are incredibly fast.

I'm running the latest drivers supplied by Windows Update.

Athlon x64 4600+ (2.4GHZ Dual CPU)
2GB OCZ Dual Channel Memory
Nvidia 7800GT PCI-E 256MB Video
525W SLI Enermax PSU
750GB SATA2 Hitachi HD
21" WS Dell LCD (1680x1050)

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I notice that this bug is still around in the final retail verson of Windows 7 (I'm still using x64).
I wonder why they could not fix this?
I am unable to calibrate my display using the windows 7 calibration software, well, unless I don't mind Photo Viewer being slow as molasses (an understatement).
the bug is still not fixed. does anyone know how i can reset the caliberate settings back to normal for the picture and fax viewer to work right ?
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