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Jun 13, 2012
When I click on a desktop icon the window opens either on the left side or the right side of the screen. When I click on another icon the window for that program appears but is on top of the first window. I know I can move the windows afterwards but how do I get the windows to automatically open adjacent to each other rather than one on top of the other?

I'm not sure that you can, but you can use snap to position the windows in only a couple of seconds.

Just grab one window near the right side and drag it until the cursor hits the right side of the screen.
It will format to use the right half of the screen.

Not grab the second window and do the same thing on the left side and you will have the two windows formatted to fill the screen side by side.

You can literally do this in 2 seconds.

If you drag the windows up until the cursor hits the top of the screen it will instantly format to full screen.

This was my favorite thing that was added in Windows 7.

I use it constantly all day long, because I spend a lot of time with 2 open applications.
My browser and Word, so I can drag info back and forth, or Photoshop and other graphics programs that I'm working back and forth in, etc.

You can do the same thing with Windows Explorer so that you can show a different drive in each one.
Handy for moving files from one drive to another.

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Thanks for your reply- I've tried the snap feature and it works well, literally taking 2 seconds as you say. It's just a case of remembering to do it each time now!
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