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Using the repair program on the installation disk , the ALL PROGRAMS list on the the Open display was placed on the hard drive in a program Windows.old. Tried to recover with no cuccess. Any ideas?


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what ultimately are you trying to do? I couldn't really follow the above so if you could be a tad clearer that would help volumes (sorry I'm a bit thick lol )

Let put it another way, from a little knowlegable operator.There are 4 similar Windows. old programs on the hard drive which leaves me with little space, 12gb. Can I somehow reduce or cosolidate them to get more space.


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If you find command prompt in the start menu, right click on it, choose properties and then run as administrator. Type:
Press enter.

You will see a box appear which is basically a more advanced version of the Disk Clean app.

Scroll through the checkboxes until you see either 'old windows installations' or 'windows.old' and check the box. Do not check any box that your unsure about so it's probably best you stick just to the Windows.old checkbox. Once you've checked the box click ok and the box will disappear.
All you need to do now is to run the set up you've just created. Once again open an admin command prompt. Type:

cleanmgr/sagerun:1 (notice how this command differs from the above)
Press enter

This time the app will cycle and remove the old windows installations. Do make sure that if they contain any information you want saving to back them up first.

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