Windows 7 Windows Screwed Up AGAIN! Relocation of Music Folder BOTCHED and FUBAR!


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Jan 11, 2013
I just installed a 750 GB internal SSD and migrated many gigabytes of data to that drive after initializing and formatting, and as part of this process I used Microsoft's "Relocate" option of the Music folder properties. This was a very bad decision. The interface options did NOT correlate to the actions that were actually accomplished. Instead of moving the Music folder to the second hard drive, it moved its CONTENTS to the SSD's root address AND created a non-customizable folder in the user directory that mimicked the new drive in My Computer. This was not AT ALL what I'd asked the system to do! So, instead of finding "G:\Music" with attendant subdirectories, I found all the SUBDIRECTORIES of the original "C:\Users\Bill\Music" in addition to other files and folders I'd placed there before migration. I cussed up a blue storm and attempted to revert via System Restore, but the entire operation failed (idiot "rocket scientists" at don't know WHAT the hell they're doing) failed due to an unrelated failed file copy process, a browser cookie file. So now I have a directory I cannot delete or fix (C:\Users\Bill\SSD 500GB (G:)) thanks to the idiots at Now I have only two options: 1) Reformat my C drive and reinstall ALL my third-party applications AND restore by damned HAND all customizations and move the CONTENTS of the music folder and delete data collection in the Music folder interface (over seventy-two hours of boring and unnecessary donkey-work), or 2) ignore the problem and hope it will resolve itself...yeah, like THAT ever works with a Microsoft OS! This REALLY severely grates my cheesed butt, as I am proficient in over twenty operating systems, a dedicated victim of Windows from 3.1 to 7 (we're talking 1984-2010), and I REALLY resent the FU NOOB attitude Microsoft has...since I am MOST decidedly NOT a noob. I admit I am not an OS engineer, but I am extremely proficient in application and web development and hardware customization (I built two "super" PCs, and this one is a six-core with monster graphics). The ONLY reason I use Microsoft OSs instead of Mac or Linux (exclusively) is the sad fact that game developers shamelessly pander to the Microsoft platforms, so if I want to play certain games, I have to deploy them on MS platforms. Can anyone tell me how to revert the change to the location of music files without reformatting my hard drive? If I were wealthy beyond dreams, my solution would be simple: Buy Microsoft and FIRE all the lazy idiots who are screwing up in the many coding departments, or get Marty McFly's Delorean and go back in time and ensure Steve Jobs did not accept Bill Gates' settlement offer for the theft of his OS.
I am going to have to investigate third-party solutions for System Restore, applications that will actually accomplish what Microsoft promises it can and CAN'T (Gypsies, tramps, and thieves!).
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