Windows Script Host Errors on Windows 10 Start-up


Feb 6, 2024
im getting Windows Script Host Errors on Windows 10 Start-up. followed this guide and ran the Autoruns

but the file isn't appearing on the list, also tried enabling and disabling Windows Script Host in Win10 from these guides no fix !

so there's one shell file with the same name "config" deleted it and restarted to get the same error,
did the whole

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow

but it didn't solve it
what's causing this error ?
should I try changing the file type of config to .vbe and see what happens ? lol ! found malware execution like this

I also ran the Malwarebytes but it didn't showed any related results
how do I fix the error ?


Screenshot (16).png

Pretty much anything can call wscript. I would grab a copy of procmon, set a filter to 'command line' contains config.vbe.
Then under options 'enable boot logging'.
Reboot the computer and open procmon again it should capture the calling process.
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