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I'm a new user to Windows 7 Forums and I'm looking for some help.
Recently when I go to search in Start- Search, I type in my search for a file, folder, or program that I know exists, but for every search I get "Programs" "Files" and sometimes "Control Panel"
Here's an example:
It was working fine until recently.
I've tried system restore but that didn't do anything.
Any help would be really appreciated!


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I found a fix for it.


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There is a Search and Indexing troubleshooter, have you gone through that?

Have you made any recent changes to your indexing options? You might check Indexing Options in the control panel to see if something makes any sense.

What was the fix? I have the same problem and can't find an answer anywhere!


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It is irritating when someone proclaims they found a solution, but do not give the answer. All I can suggest is you try what I suggested and see if it works for you.

I would love to try your solution. But I don't know what it was. No solutions are given.

I did try the troubleshooter but what I finally figured out was the search provider that was being used as "default" was not IE. When I made IE the default, I suddenly could search for files again.

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