Windows security settings preventing downloads

everytime i try to pull up mozilla firefox, it says "your internet security files prevented one or more files from being prevented" and the thing it says is causing it is adobe reader. how? I'm not even trying to get onto adobe reader. this same problem persists in my attempts to download things such as my notes and powerpoints for my college courses. I need this fixed because i rely on these downloads. Also, I cannot download any new anti-virus software. please help ASAP. thank you


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Have you tried running a malware check? Download and run MalwareBytes
Try running a system integrity check.. open Command Prompt as an admin and type "sfc /scannow"

Post back with your results :)

it wont allow me to download anything


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it wont allow me to download anything
Have you tried my abovve suggestions? Does the problem also occur in Internet Explorer?

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You may have to download the Malwarebytes on another PC and burn to CD or flashdrive.

it wont work with either firefox or internet explorer

i cant even open didsks or my flash drive. i have NO clue what has gone wrong with my laptop


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I'm 90% sure you have a virus, or more correctly a Trojan.
Have you had any messages about updating your virus protection or anything like that lately.

Make sure you do the things that Mitchell suggested!

Try and go into internet options and see what your LAN setting are set to.
Try setting them to automatic and see if you can download things again.

You will have to remove the Trojan some how.

If you can get it to read a USB drive in Safe Mode try this...

Download "SuperAntiSpyware" on another computer and install it on a thumb drive. - Downloads

Chose the free one.

Start your computer in safe mode and run a scan from the thumb drive.

If it finds the trojan or more likely several, tell it to remove them.

If you don't find anything then we'll go from there.

If you have files on your computer that you can't afford to lose now is the time to back them up. Load them onto a DVD, Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive.

If this fails you will have to try and do a Windows Repair Installation, This may get your computer working but may not eliminate the virus. You will still have to do the SuperAntiSpyware thing.
If that fails you will have to do a clean installation of Windows (as a last resort). That's why it is important to back up your files while you can still get into your computer.

If you get to the point where you can't get into your computer things get a lot tougher.


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i cant even open didsks or my flash drive. i have NO clue what has gone wrong with my laptop
By booting in safe mode, you may be able to download the programs.

After pressing the power button on your PC, continually tap F8 until presented advanced options for boot. Select Safe Mode with Network.
Once in safe mode, see if you can do any of the above mentioned tasks.

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