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Hello everyone!

I installed Windows server 2008 in Virtual Machine and i got Xp client aswell.

Problem is that when i log in to server with my client username i can't get network drive for him using logon script.
If someone have time to tell me how i can get it working That would make my "work" lot more easier.

I don't rememeber what i have to do with GPO to get it working.

I will add more information if needed

Thank you in advance!

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Hace poco tuve el mismo problema (estamos migrando a server 2008) y se soluciono instalando la KB943729, que puedes encontrar en el siguiente enlace:Detalles de la descarga: Extensiones para el cliente de preferencias de directivas de grupo para Windows XP (KB943729)
Por otro lado tenemos problemas con el mapeo en los equipos con Vista, y aqui ya no conozco ninguna posible solucion. Un saludo y espero que te sirva.

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Hi there!
Did you find a solution to your problem?
If not, try to have a look at your share permissions and NTFS permissions.

Let me know if it works :)

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Hi, i tried this. But still it is repeating the same issue.

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Here is a link to a tutorial for setting up a logon.bat for any member of your domain. When a user logs in the batch file will run.

My login.bat looks like this...
@echo off
net use W: \\thebrain\shared
net use V: \\thebrain\external

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