Windows Server freezes after the user is idle for more than a minute or two

We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, and when any of the users leave their workstation for any reason and are gone for more than a minute or two, the programs they were running at the time will go to "not responding" when they try to click on anything in them. They cant open new programs, or do anything until it comes back.

Just to illustrate, if I get up to get a drink, I will come back and click on a new email on my outlook that was already on my screen, and it will go to "not responding" for 10-15 seconds, then it will work fine after that. At least until the next time I get up.

I've searched all over with no answers to be found... any ideas? And I'm not IT savvy, so try and dumb it down for me!!


Normal users don't choose Window Server operating system as their desktop operating system. Are you using terminal server or thin client setup? if so, there might be chance the remote session is trying to reconnect back to the server causing this delay.


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