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Hello. I just recently upgraded my Lenovo Ideapad Y530 to Windows Seven Home Premium. After the update, I got on the Internet and tried to type in a number but it entered a letter instead and when I tried to do a shift symbol such as an exclamation point, my computer types a letter as well. However, when I type a document, I'm able to type in a number and shift symbol without a letter appearing. Can anyone help me with this issue? ( My internet browsers are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Nine )


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Lenovo most likely has proprietary software for the proper configuration of your Ideapad. You should check the Lenovo Support website to download all of the necessary applications required for the proper function of your device. In the US this site is located at: Link Removed - Invalid URL.

Lenovo laptops typically have proprietary software that enhance the use of the HIDs on the systems. This is because prior to Lenovo being "Lenovo", it was once IBM's hardware product division, before it was acquired by the Chinese government :topsy_turvy:. Yes, what I'm stating is true. Your laptop has been manufactured by a corporation that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Anyway, IBM's Research Division spent a lot of time working on human interface devices, and issuing patents for special keyboard interface, pointer control, and more. In fact, ThinkPad's are famous for the keyboard and pointer reliability. IBM/Lenovo laptops conventionally feature a higher quality chassis and are famous for typically utilizing higher quality parts than competitors like Dell or HP. You will want to definitely get to Lenovo Support, where you will be able to download, not only additional drivers on a one-by-one basis, but a support software suite that consistently checks for BIOS updates and other necessities. This software was initially developed by IBM and is very successful at automatically downloading and installing necessary driver updates for your system.

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